“World of Dew” Out Now in Pulp Literature

My story “World of Dew” is out now in the autumn issue of Pulp Literature. The story is about time, suffering, and intergalactic space trucking. The magazine is available in hard copy or ebook form.


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“Practice” Out Now at AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review

My slipstream short story “Practice” is out now at AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review. It’s about a violin that messes with time.

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“The Hospice” Out Now at Daily Science Fiction

My creepy micro story “The Hospice” is up now at Daily Science Fiction.

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“The Washerwoman and the Troll” Out Now at PodCastle

I’m delighted to announce that my old-school fairy tale “The Washerwoman and the Troll” is on this week’s episode of PodCastle. It’s beautifully read by M.K. Hobson. Give it a listen!

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“Headshot” Out Now in Terraform

Headshot,” my story about a possible future of warfare, is out now at Terraform, complete with an awesome animated illustration by Gustavo Torres.

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“Down the Rabbit Hole with Julian Mortimer Smith”

So I’ve been interviewed by Liam Meilleur for Urban Fantasy Magazine (“Down the Rabbit Hole with Julian Mortimer Smith“) about “The Fumblers Alley Risk Emporium” and the craft of writing.

It’s strange being asked to give advice to aspiring writers, when I still feel pretty damn aspiring myself, but I’m pleased with the result.

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“Cabaret Obscuro” Out Now in Crossed Genres Magazine

“Cabaret Obscuro,” my story about a hobgoblin burlesque performer, is out now in the latest issue of Crossed Genres Magazine. The theme of this issue is INDOCTRINATION and my story is alongside funny, disturbing tales by Brian Trent and Benjamin Blattberg.

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“The Fumblers Alley Risk Emporium” Out Now in Urban Fantasy Magazine

My story “The Fumblers Alley Risk Emporium” is out now in the December issue of Urban Fantasy Magazine alongside a story by NYT bestselling author Carrie Vaughn. The magazine is available as a pay-what-you-want download.


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WYRM’S Gauntlet Champion!

I’m delighted to announce that I am the winner of the 2014 edition of WYRM’s Gauntlet, a unique writing contest that describes itself like this:

Our Gauntlet works in four rounds of action, and is a mixture of critique and fiction-writing to challenge our esteemed Gauntleteers. The rounds are all different, and designed to bring out your best–your best review, your best short story, or something you didn’t see coming.

Iron Chef-style challenges with brutal deadlines winnowed the initial 15 challengers down to just three in the final round. You can read about all the different challenges here. In the last round, we had to write stories about an object that manipulates reality in some way, and my story “Practice” won! Hopefully I’ll publish it one of these days and you will read it.

Thanks to all the WYRMs and the other contestants for a fun Gauntlet. The organizers give cash prizes and don’t publish the story or take any rights, so as far as I can tell they do this for completely selfless reasons. Thanks for supporting emerging writers, guys!

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Sean Wins the Giller!

Congratulations to my dear friend Sean on winning the Giller Prize for his wonderful novel Us Conductors. So unbelievable and inspring. So absolutely deserved.

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